How and Where to File an Application:

To initiate an Application for Assistance you must contact a designated Fund Representative or Veterans Aid Investigator in the community in which you reside. The names and addresses of the Representatives and Investigators are included on this website (Volunteers by Town). You may also contact a local American Legion Post, where the Post Service Officer may also be a Fund Representative. 

In the event you are unable to contact a Fund Representative in your locality, you may contact a Fund Representative in a nearby town.

In cases of emergency or unusual circumstances, applications for assistance may be completed by a person designated by the American Legion Department of Connecticut or chartered Veteran Service Organizations. Once a decision is rendered by the Soldiers' Sailors' and Marines' Fund Administration, the case will be referred to a designated Fund Representative in the town in which the veteran resides. Subsequent renewal applications must be filed through the designated Fund Representative.

The application must be signed by the veteran. In the event the veteran is incapacitated, or hospitalized, the application may be signed by the veteran’s spouse, adult child, parent, guardian, or other person holding Power of Attorney or Conservatorship for the veteran.

The following information/documentation is required to complete the application:

  1. Certificate of honorable termination of military service (DD-214 or equivalent)
  2. Connecticut photo identification (CT Driver's License or CT DMV issued ID) 
  3. Social Security number(s) - veteran and/or spouse (if applicable)
  4. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  5. Birth Certificates for minor children (certificate must show parents' names)
  6. Death Certificate for the veteran or spouse (if applicable)
  7. Release of Information form signed by the veteran (and spouse if applicable)
  8. Documentation of income (salary, wages, pension, social security, VA disability compensation, unemployment compensation, disability compensation, etc.)
  9. Documentation of liquid assets (savings accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, etc.)
  10. Documentation of assistance being provided by the Connecticut Department of Social Services or non-profit/charitable entities (cash assistance, food stamps, rental assistance, Title XIX, etc.)  

The veteran is the primary source of information essential to the determination of need. The veteran bears responsibility for providing required documentation and for accurately and completely representing the facts and circumstances of the situation occasioning the need for assistance. The Fund Representative will provide guidance, counsel and assistance with the preparation of the application.